Funk Drivetrain Components

Funk Drivetrain Components

Funk Drivetrain Components is a division of John Deere Power, trusted leaders in the industrial off-road diesel sector. Funk Drivetrain Components stands on over 150 years of John Deere off-highway equipment experience. Funk provides a variety of robust products to meet the demanding needs of the off-highway field.

Funk Drivetrain Service

Melton Industries offers a variety of service options for Funk drivetrain products and components; from in-house to in-field, and on-location.
Our highly trained technicians are officially certified by John Deere in all areas of Funk Drivetrain Components.


Melton Industries is critically positioned to carry out exhaustive, in-house service and overhaul programs of all Funk components and any size of equipment which features Funk components. We retain the facilities, staff, and expertise necessary to administrate projects on the most sizable scale.

In-field & On-location

In addition, Melton Industries retains the equipment, personnel, and systems necessary for a variety of in-field and on-location service of Funk products & equipment.

Funk Services
Funk Drivetrain

Funk Replacement Parts

Melton Industries is an official distributor of genuine Funk OEM replacement parts. Including timing gears, washers, seals, bearings, filters, vales, springs, and more.


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