Perkins Engines

Perkins is a world renowned British manufacturer of a diverse line of industrial diesel and natural gas engines. Perkins products reach nearly all industries and applications where diesel or industrial engines are used.

Melton Industries is proud to be an official North American dealer representative of Perkins.

Perkins 1104D Diesel Engine

Perkins Diesel Engines

Melton Industries is equipped to offer service solutions on most models of industrial and commercial Perkins diesel and natural gas engines. Our customers include domestic and global fleets, manufacturers of original equipment, and aftermarket distributors.

Our primary focus is on supplying fully configured, drop-in ready engines which either meet or surpass paramount industry standards.

We at Melton Industries do not rebuild Perkins diesel engines, we 100% remanufacture. What this means is that all internal and exterior components and peripherals of the engine are returned to the latest Perkins blueprint specifications, allowing for a 0-hour, practically “new” condition at merely a fraction the cost to purchasing new replacements. This remanufacturing process is measured by life-cycle performance of the unit. Melton Industries’ remanufactured products have earned for themselves a reputation of superior durability, which is an appropriate testament to our continuously improving processes. Each individual engine unit is stringently dynamometer tested to ensure match or pass of original Perkins standards for verification of performance and durability. Whenever available; current performance upgrades and technological improvements are added into the remanufactured unit. Specific paint and packaging programs are available, as well as remote or external staging of completed products, 7-21 day turn times, extended warranties, and international logistic support.

Perkins Service

Melton Industries offers a variety of service options for Perkins diesel equipment and engines; from in-house to in-field, and on-site.
Our highly trained technicians are officially certified by Perkins as well as fully trained in all modern engine emissions requirements.


Melton Industries is strategically positioned to facilitate complete, in-house service and overhaul programs of virtually any size of Perkins engines or equipment, and fleet capacity. We retain the facilities, staff, and expertise necessary to conduct projects on the greatest scales.

In-field & On-location

In addition, Melton Industries possess the equipment, personnel, and systems necessary for an exhaustive variety of in-field and on-location utility service of Perkins products & equipment.

Perkins Gneuine Parts

Perkins Genuine Parts

Melton Industries is an official dealer of genuine Perkins OEM replacement parts.
We offer the entire line of Perkins diesel engine parts. From air filters and oil filters, to belts, gaskets, hoses and more.


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