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Melton Industries is an authorized Dealer for both service and sales on the John Deere Power industrial diesel engine and drive train product line.  We offer in-house remanufacturing services for John Deere industrial engines on an exchange basis, as well as John Deere factory replacement engines and repower engines with quick turnaround times.

We remanufacture customer provided John Deere engines within 18-24 business days,

as well as offer competitive factory replacement and repower engines, often available within 4-12 business days.

Our John Deere diesel engines are not merely ‘rebuilt’, they are 100% remanufactured. This process requires that all components are properly cleaned, thoroughly inspected, machined, and tested in accordance with John Deere standards and specifications.   This process returns each engine to a zero hour condition, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.

Melton Industries’ remanufactured product is industry leading and well recognized around the globe, primarily due to our decades of experience in supporting the U.S. Military.   Each engine is dynamometer tested to reach or surpass official John Deere requirements for a minimum of four (4) hours, which is one of the most stringent performance tests in the industry.

Branded paint and packaging programs are available, as well as off-site or internal staging of completed production, 7-35 day turn times, extended warranties, and worldwide logistics.  Melton is your full service Dealer for John Deere diesel engines offering the following:

  • Remanufactured
  • Factory Replacement
  • Factory Repower
  • Factory New
  • Factory Export

John Deere Service

Melton Industries presents a thorough selection of service options for John Deere engines and John Deere powered equipment; from on-site to off-site locations.

Our factory trained and heavily equipped technicians are officially certified by John Deere Power, as well as vastly experienced in mechanical, electrical, emissions, and fluid systems.


Melton Industries is fully equipped to administer complete, internal service programs on products and fleets of practically any size. We posses the installations, staff, and expertise necessary to perform jobs of even the most significant scope.

External & On-location

In addition, Melton Industries retains the technology, staffing, and administrative systems required for an extensive set of external and on-location utility of John Deere powered machinery & equipment.

Vermeer Chipper
CSX Service

John Deere Powered Equipment Tier Up

Besides remanufacture, Melton Industries additionally provides Tier-Upgrade programs on industrial equipment, using John Deere powered products.

Tier-Up programs are an economic solution to comply with EPA emissions requirements and/or out-dated pieces of equipment

Melton Industries Tier-Up programs offer your equipment or fleet:

  • Operation-certified performance and dependability which adheres to current EPA emissions requirements
  • Two-year new engine warranty
  • Upgraded fuel economy and output
  • Increased residual equipment value and extended lifespan

Tier-Up campaigns efficiently conserve up to 75% of the cost of procuring brand new equipment to be compliant with emission requirements.

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