Kubota Corporation, based out of Osaka, Japan, is a vanguard leader in the agricultural and tractor sectors. Kubota is a recipient of numerous awards for their efforts and activism in environmental preservation and planet-conscious production and energy.
Kubota is a leading manufacturer of low-HP tractor units in the US, offering over 80 unique models.

Kubota Diesel Engine

Kubota Diesel Engines

At Melton Industries, we support most models of industrial and commercial Kubota diesel engines for a variety of customers, including: regional and national fleets, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and aftermarket retailers.

Our directive is to provide fully configured, drop-in ready engines which meet or exceed all superior standards in the industry.

Melton Industries’ Kubota diesel engines are not rebuilt, but 100% remanufactured. This means that all components and peripherals of the engine, are machine returned to the most recent Kubota blueprint specifications. This remanufacturing process is measured by unit life-cycle production performance.
Melton Industries’ remanufactured products have earned a reputation of extreme durability, which we feel is an appropriate testament to our ever improving methods. Each individual engine unit is tenaciously dynamometer tested to ensure a meet or exceed of original Kubota standards for verification of production and dependability. Whenever available; present performance upgrades and technical improvements are integrated into the remanufactured engine. Unique paint and packaging programs are available, as well as remote or external staging of finished products, 7-21 day turn times, extended warranties, and global logistic administration.

Kubota Service

Melton Industries is positioned to yield a wide variety of service options for Kubota Equipment and Engines; from in-house, to in-field and on-location.
Our overtly skilled, expert technicians are thoroughly trained in Kubota specifications, as well as fully trained in all modern engine emissions requirements.


Melton Industries is thoroughly equipped to facilitate full-service, in-house servicing programs of any Kubota equipment size and fleet capacity. We posses the operational space, staff, and knowledgeability required to conduct jobs of even the most most significant scales.

In-field & Onsite

In addition, Melton Industries retains the equipment, tools, personnel and administrative systems needed for an extensive selection of in-field and on-location service options for Kubota tractors, equipment, and engines.

Kubota Service


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