Yanmar is a world renowned manufacturer of diesel engines ranging in many different types of applications and industries including construction, marine, agriculture, military, power generation, and more.


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Yanmar Diesel Engines

At Melton Industries we service most Yanmar industrial diesel engine models for wholesale and commercial end users, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), US Military branches, and aftermarket retailers.

We aim to provide the highest level of service for Yanmar replacement parts, service, or complete remanufactured engines that meet or exceed industry standards.

Melton Industries’ Yanmar diesel engines are not rebuilt, they are 100% remanufactured, which means that all components are returned to the latest OEM specifications. This is a process that returns each engine unit to a zero-hour condition, at a significant savings over purchasing new equipment.

Our remanufacturing process is measured through life-cycle product performance, and our products have earned a reputation for resilience. This appropriately attests to our ever improving methods. Each engine unit is rigorously dynamometer tested to either match or surpass official Yanmar standards, for verification of workmanship, performance, and sustainability. Whenever available; existing performance upgrades and technical improvements are incorporated into the remanufactured unit. Branded paint and finish outfits are available, plus external, in-house arrangement of completed products, 7-30 day turn times, extended warranties, and worldwide strategic support.

Some of the Yanmar engine models that we service include:

L48, L70, L100


3TNV74F, 3TNV80, 3TNV88F

3TNV88C, 4TNV88C, 4TNV98C

2TNV70, 3TNV70, 3YNV76, 3TNV76, 3TNV82, 3TNV88, 3TNV84T

4TNV84T, 4TNV98T, 4TNV88, 4TNV98


Yanmar Service

Melton Industries presents a number of service solutions for Yanmar Engines and Equipment; from in-house to on-site.  Our highly trained and qualified technicians are officially certified by Yanmar, as well as highly experienced with fuel, hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, and general industrial systems.


Melton Industries is fully equipped to administer full-service in-house servicing programs of virtually any equipment and fleet size. We posses the facilities, personnel, and expertise necessary to conduct jobs of even the largest sizes.

On-Location & Infield

In addition, Melton Industries possess the resources, personnel and systems necessary for a comprehensive array of in-field and on-location services of Yanmar equipment & engines.

Yanmar Parts

Melton Industries is an official dealer of Yanmar engine replacement parts.
We offer the entire line of Yanmar produced OEM diesel replacement parts. That includes: air filters, oil filters, belts, gaskets, hoses, and more.

Yanmar Parts

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