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Cummins Diesel Engines

Cummins engines can be found found in nearly every type of vehicle and equipment on earth – from emergency vehicles to generators, berry pickers to 360-ton mining haul trucks. Melton Industries is equipped to service and support most models of Cummins diesel engines for most industrial and marine applications. Melton Industries provides service solutions for Cummins engine products to fleets of regional, national, and global scale, as well as OEM manufactures and the U.S. Government.

Our directive in service is to ensure the longevity and reliability of the Cummins engines which power the vital equipment of your operation on a daily basis.

Melton Industries’ does not “rebuild” engines, we 100% remanufacture. Which means that all peripherals are restored to current OEM specifications. This process returns each engine to an approximately new, zero-hour condition, at a fraction of the cost to purchasing a new replacement. Our remanufacturing process is measured by product life-span performance.
Our results have earned the reputation of being “bullet proof” (by the U.S. Military), which is a tribute to our ever progressing methods.
Each unit is stringently dynamometer tested to meet or surpass original standards set forth by Cummins, for assurance of operation and reliability. When available; present technological advancements and performance upgrades are integrated into the remanufactured product. Customized & branded paint and packaging programs are offered, plus internal staging of completed products, 7-45 day turn times, extended warranties, and worldwide logistical support.

Cummins Service

Melton Industries offers a variety of service options for Cummins diesel engines: from on-site to off-site.


Melton Industries is thoroughly equipped to facilitate service operations of virtually any sized equipment and fleet. We retain all of the campuses, staffing systems, tools, and knowledgeability necessary to facilitate projects and campaigns of even the most considerable sizes.

External & On-Location

In addition, Melton Industries retains the tools & equipment required to facilitate an extensive variety of onsite and active on-location service needs for Cummins products & engines.

Cummins Power Systems Services
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Cummins Tier Up

Cummins tier-up projects are a practical answer for a progressing issue: numerous, established equipment and machines include engines which do not pass current emissions specifications & regulations. Melton Industries tier-up operations accommodate for your machinery and fleet:

  • Production affirmed reliability and unwavering quality which meets current tier EPA emissions requirements
  • Two-year new engine guarantee
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency and performance
  • Improved machine remaining worth and extended lifespan

Tier-up projects effectively conserve up to 75% on the expense of buying new products to meet emission regulations.

Melton Industries’ Cummins tier-up programs are capable of ensuring complete final tier-4 compliance on all eligible engine & equipment platforms.

Cummins Parts

Melton Industries offers the entire line of OEM produced Cummins diesel replacement parts. That includes air filters, oil filters, belts, gaskets, hoses and more.

Cummins Power Systems Parts


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