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Caterpillar Diesel Engines

Melton Industries offers service solutions on most models of industrial and commercial Caterpillar diesel engines, power-packs, glider kits, and equipment. Our customers include domestic and international fleets, OEM manufacturers, and aftermarket retailers.

Our objective is to provide complete, fully configured, drop-in ready engines which meet or exceed official Caterpillar standards.

Melton Industries’ diesel engines are not rebuilt, but rather 100% remanufactured, which means that all components are returned to the latest blueprint specifications. This process returns each engine to a 0-hour condition at a fraction of the cost to purchase new.
Our remanufacturing process is measured simply: by life-cycle product performance. Melton Industries’ products have earned the reputation of being bullet proof, which is a testament to our continuously improving processes. Every engine is rigorously dynamometer tested to meet or exceed original Caterpillar standards for verification of performance and reliability. When applicable; current performance upgrades and technological advancements are integrated into the remanufactured engine. Our engines are 100% drop-in ready and pre-configured for quick installation.
Custom paint and packaging programs are available, as well as remote or in-house staging of finished products, 7-21 day turn times, extended warranties, and global logistical support.

Caterpillar Service

Melton Industries offers a variety of service options for Caterpillar equipment and engines; from in-house to active in-field, and on-site.
Our highly trained technicians are fully trained on Caterpillar engine and equipment specs, as well as in all modern engine emissions requirements.


Melton Industries is fully equipped to administer comprehensive, in-house servicing programs of virtually any product or equipment size. We posses the staff, appurtenances, and know-how required to administrate enterprises of even the greatest of sizes.

In-field & Onsite

In addition, Melton Industries retains the tools, facilities and administrative systems necessary for an extensive variety of external and on-location services of Caterpillar equipment & engines.

Caterpillar Service

Caterpillar Tier Up

Tier-up plans are a highly economic solution to an increasingly relevant problem: many dated equipment units and machines include engine platforms which do not pass current emissions standards & regulations. Melton Industries is outfitted to perform “Tier-Upgrades” on these units. This process facilitates upgrading an older unit which does not meet current EPA regulations, to be in compliance with those regulations.
Melton Industries’ tier-up services provide for your equipment or fleet:

  • Production-certified unit efficiency and dependability that meets current tier EPA emission specifications
  • Two-year new engine warranty
  • Upgraded fuel economy and unit performance
  • Increased machine surplus value and extended lifespan

Tier-up programs effectively save up to 75% of the cost of purchasing brand new equipment to meet emission requirements.

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