Project Focus: Hyster H650C Forklift Repower

Hyster H650C Forklift Re-power

We recently performed our latest repower on a Hyster H650C Forklift.

Hyster H650C Forklift

An example of a Hyster H650C Forklift

This equipment is designed for cargo handling, and is used primarily for moving ship containers for the South Jersey Port Corporation. Upon receipt, the forklift was originally equipped with a V8 200 HP Perkins, and a Funk 1500 series transmission.

V8 200 HP Perkins

Existing V8 200 HP Perkins Engine

The existing engine, transmission, cooling package, engine mounts, transmission mounts, wiring, and plumbing were all removed from the vehicle, and a new drive train package, which utilized a remanufactured transmission, was designed. The redesigned package featured a new John Deere 6068HF285, 200hp, tier-3 engine and cooling system, centered around our in-house, newly remanufactured FUNK Transmission.

New John Deere 6068HF285, 200hp, Tier 3 Engine

The new John Deere 6068HF285, 200hp, tier 3 engine package installed in the unit

The engine and transmission were then mated using updated technology from the folks at FUNK drive train and prepped for installation. New mounts, plumbing and wiring were installed throughout the machine, creating a new sense of reliability and life for the vehicle.
Next, the engine and transmission assembly were installed and a custom exhaust and air induction system were fabricated to ensure the new power plant would receive proper, unrestricted air flow.

The machine was further complimented with a refinished dash, which now includes a state of the art, full electronic engine monitoring system, as well as new analog gauges for all other vehicle operating systems. Upon completion, the drivetrain package received extensive performance testing, to ensure quality and product reliability.

backside of funk transmission

Backside view of the FUNK transmission on the newly installed power unit.

At Melton Industries, we stand behind our products and our quality. Therefore, a 2 year, 2000 hour engine warranty, and a 1 year 1,000 hour transmission warranty accompany all of our products; giving the customer a complete sense of comfort should anything go wrong.

Since its return to South Jersey Port Corporation, this vehicle has been a hit with the operators at the port, who are most impressed with the responsiveness of the vehicle, making them an extremely happy customer.

See below for an additional gallery of media from the project.


John Deere 6068HF285 Side View

Another view of the new John Deere 6068HF285

Old Perkins Engine

When we received the unit, the existing Perkins engine unit was in disrepair

John Deer 6068HF285 Wiring and Control Pack

View of the John Deer 6068HF285 wiring and control pack

Hyster H650C Forklift Re-power

An overhead view of the engine bay containing the brand new John Deere 6068HF285 engine at project completion

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